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10 Must-know Computer Vision Dataset

Computer vision is a rapidly developing area of AI. To facilitate data scientists to build different model architectures, some institutions are very generous to share the image dataset. In this article, 10 commonly used dataset will be introduced.

1. The Modified National Institute of Standards and Technology database of handwritten digits (MNIST database, in short) It is the elementary dataset for computer vision. It consists of 70thousands images of hand-written digits for each number, i.e. 0–9 which are formatted in 28x28 grayscale. The data is prepared by Professor Yann LeCun. The data is pre-split into a training set (60thousands) and a test set (10thousands) in the release. All digits are placed at the centre in the image. It is used for a fundamental computer vision project, hand-written digital recognition task.

2. Fashion MNIST This dataset is a bit similar to MNIST, all images are in 28x28 grayscale and tagged with a label from 10 classes, but the topics are fashion-related…

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