5 Useful Channels to Find Hackathons

After I started sharing my hackathon experience, I received a lot of questions from my fellows on how to find hackathons. They wondered how I can join so many hackathons. In this article, I will list down some common sites that I search for hackathons.

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If you are new to hackathon, feel free to check my hackathon series  to know more about hackathon first.

1. eventbrite
Many organizations post their activities on eventbrite as it has a well-developed built-in ticketing system. You can find many events including hackathon on this site. You can also do the searching based on location and date. It is a very user-friendly site. Once you create your account and the system will store basic information which will help you complete some blanks of the registration form in the future. In case of an event that has a limited quota, this feature may save you some time to get a seat for the event.


This site, by looking at the domain name, you can know that this is a particular site for you to search for hackathon. HACKATHON.COM is similar to eventbrite, but it does not require the organizer to post the event information on its site, instead, the backend administrators will crawl data from the internet and display all the hackathon event information in an organized way on the site. Again, this site allows you to search hackathons by city. In each hackathon shown, the site includes a direct link to the official event page for you to register for the event.


3. agorize
This is a site very popular among my schoolmates to search for business case competitions. Apart from case competition, there is a special category which is “Online Hackathon” on this site. From time to time, agorize will partner with different companies to hold hackathons. All the instructions and problem statements will be posted on agorize and interested participants need to team up and submit their solution through agorize. Besides partners’ hackathons, some companies will treat agorize as a distribution channel to post the hackathon information. Thus, you may also see offline hackathons shown on the site. If you are not certain with the differences between online and offline hackathons, feel free to check my other article on the main types of hackathons.


4. Social Media Sites: facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn
Besides the above sites, hackathon organizers will also promote the events through social media sites. Similar to holding marketing events, the organizers do not want to have low participating rates for their events, so they will also design many promotion materials to post on social media sites. If you do not want to miss any hackathons news, you can follow #hackathon or join some groups which are made for hackathon enthusiasts.

5. School Email
This channel is only for those who are still students. Usually, in schools, there is a unit that is responsible for extra-curricular activities. They email students the upcoming internal and external events regularly. Those events are normally targeted at student participants. If you are a student and would like to have a taste of what a hackathon is, those hackathons on the email list may be a good starting point for you. Since all the competitors are also students, the level of difficulty in terms of topics or problems selected may be more suitable to the student compared to the public hackathons.
The mentioned channels are some of my common ways to search for hackathons, I know that there may be a lot more. Feel free to comment below if you know some other useful sites to look for hackathons.
Stay tuned to my hackathon series if you want to know more about hackathons =)