Manulife Data Assurance Hackathon 2018 - Hack to the Future (4 Aug 2018)

"A good boss is better than a good company. A good boss would discipline you, train you, develop you." - Jack Ma Thank Spree SIU, FRM, senior director for nominating us so that we two student interns can have a valuable chance to participate in this remarkable event. We learn a lot from different Asia teams' talents. Not only data engineers but also many data architects and experienced business professionals took part in this competition. The hackathon is challenging. Within 30 hours, we have to come up with a solution to handle more than 2000 files. For me, I have leveraged the Python program to consolidate the files and built a dashboard so as to help visualize the result.

The data structure is an essential and fundamental part of data analysis. In big companies, data usually comes with various formats due to the use of different programming languages or vendors. This causes big troubles when processing the data and can affect the analysis. 

Regarding the above problem, Asia Data Office, Manulife presented Hack to the Future. More than 2000 files with various data structures were offered and participants were required to make a solution for grouping and unifying datasets with different formats together within 2 days. 
It is our honor to be invited to Manulife Asia Technology Townhall to receive the 1st runner-up (Yeung) and 2nd runner-up (Carrie) award from Greg Framke, global CIO and Mark Van den Broek, Asia CIO. I will keep challenging myself and contribute more to the company as I have promised in my first interview.