HKU Hackathon Sharing (20 Sep 2019)

HKU hacker community was just established!

A special thanks to Dr. Philip Yu for inviting Yeung and I back to HKU to share our stories of joining hackathons with our school pupils. We were delighted to see so many students being interested in hearing our journey. There have been lots of pains but also gains.

When preparing the slides for this talk, we both had numerous flashbacks, not the scenes that we received the awards, but the countless nights that we were sacrificing our sleeping time and working on coding, prototypes and presentation decks. To us, hackathons do not only provide opportunities to challenge ourselves and try new initiatives, but also give us a platform to build network and bondings with other talents and domain experts. 

Through this sharing, we hope to pass our hacking spirit to our fellows. Stay tuned for our next move!