Google Developer Groups - Voice & Travel Hackathon (28 Sep 2019)

It was my first PIC event in GDG Hong Kong, thank Emma for giving me this precious opportunity. As an organizer, I still have a lot to learn. Also, a big thanks to Wolke, a Taiwan Google Developer Expert (Google Assistant) for sharing his journey of becoming a GDE and his fascinating project of AoG. Your speech inspires us a lot.

Congratulations to the winning team! Their solution, 'AirSplit', is amazing and really practical. They are going to representing Hong Kong to join the global final round. Let us wish them all the best!

In this hackathon, I was so surprised to see kids joining and they were indeed very talented. They asked many interesting questions and to be honest, I was stunned by their coding abilities and creativeness in solving problems. I am so glad to see the hacking spirit started to pass to younger generations and I am excited to see them again shining on the stage.

It was a wonderful and remarkable weekend. Yeung and I were in the Google office organizing the first hackathon ever. This experience is memorable. This was the first time and may not be perfect in terms of run-down, material preparing, guideline and etc. However, it was no doubt that all of us enjoy the moment so much.

Also, as a mentor to our HKU juniors, I have to say they did a nice job. Despite the fact that the competitors were really strong, they showed an organized and complete solution.

"Awards are not the most important things in a hackathon, tressure the network and skills you have developed"


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