Taiwan 2019 Blockchain in InsurTech with Smart Health Data Hackathon (3-4 Aug 2019)

A crazy week! We went to Taiwan for a hackathon. We got on the airplane on Friday and came back at Sunday night. =)

The venue is so big and around 100 selected candidates gathered together focusing on the same aim - make the world better.

To be honest, both of us feel so surprized that Taiwan is having that advanced technology. In Hong Kong, whilst the industry is just in the early discussion stage, Taipei Hospital has already adopted and used the blockchain technology in the existing system.

Different from the Hong Kong hackathon, this time we are giving so much data to play around with. Within 24 hours, Vinspect natural language processing system is built with a significant impact.

We are so happy to join the hackathon outside Hong Kong and luckily, our cash award can cover the flight ticket and accommodation fee. But more importantly, we learn a lot from Taiwan AI experts. I really love talking and sharing different techniques among enthusiasts. I hope we can meet each other in the future. =)