22nd Recognition Ceremony (12 Apr 2019)

Student’s exceptional accomplishments and dedicated contributions are officially recognized by the Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS). Every year, CEDARS hosts a Recognition Ceremony for students who have excelled exceptionally in external competitions and endeavours as well as for students who have made sustained contributions in co-creating vibrant and impactful student life with CEDARS. This annual ceremony is a golden opportunity for us to honour and celebrate the outstanding achievements and exemplary attitude of some of our finest students and to inspire the university community to learn from their dedication to excellence and diligence.

The Recognition Ceremony 2019 will be held at Wang Gungwu Lecture Hall on Friday, 12 April 2019 at 6pm. At the Ceremony, students with distinguished external accomplishments and CEDARS service awardees will celebrate their achievements and share their joy with their teachers, friends, family and fellow students.