TechCrunch Shenzhen Hackathon 2018 - Ontology Challenge (17-18 Nov 2018)

"We won the TechCrunch Shenzhen Hackathon OVERALL CHAMPION!"

Last week, Carrie Lo and I as the representative of Hong Kong went to Mainland China participating in TechCrunch Shenzhen Hackathon. In there, we met the "real tech" candidates from Google, IBM and Tencent these kind of technology leading companies. They had a solid and comprehensive hard skill and their capabilities were unquestionably strong. Chatting and communicating with them was fun and impressive.

It was our first time stepping into the international stage. We had a strong feeling that it was totally different comparing Hong Kong hackathons and China hackathons. People outside Hong Kong were more focusing on technology perspective such as product completeness and technology complexity while Hong Kong ones were majorly business oriented. We realized that we two were just at the beginning stage. We will keep pushing ourselves in order to achieve a higher level.

It is out of expect that we won the Ontology challenge and also, the overall champion. A big thank to all guys helping us, specially Ontology staff. With you guys assist, I learnt how to write a smart contract and successfully built a blockchain system.

It was our first hackathon outside Hong Kong and it really widened our horizons. Not only students, there were lots more professionals and foreigners participated in the event. We met hackathon enthusiasts from US and employees of Tencent and IBM. Compared with the hackathons I joined in Hong Kong, this one had a higher focus on technology feasibility. This also motivated us to build our first blockchain system on Ontology.

Special thanks to the mentors from Ontology who spent a whole night to teach us on how to implement their tools on python.

We were invited to join TechCrunch conference after the hackathon. It was a very valuable chance to hear industries' insights on big data, AI and blockchain. It was amazing to see how creative people can make use of the new technologies and make impacts to the society.