Jumpstarter IdeaPOP! (23 Jan 2019)

JUMPSTARTER IdeaPOP! is a pitching competition for all university students in Hong Kong. They aim to nurture a pool of business elites with an entrepreneurial mindset. Participants will undergo pitch training to learn the best practices for jump-starting a business plan, network with industry leaders, and interact with other young entrepreneurs. It is a startup program organized by Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund, together with the Hong Kong Federation of Business Students (HKFBS) and Social Ventures Hong Kong (SVhk).

As one of the top teams being invited, cyda feels so great and both of us enjoy so much.

One of the exciting things is to see so many young talents standing on the stage and sharing their entrepreneur experience. I have to say, Hillary indeed is one of my idols. She perfectly demonstrates ability is not limited by age.

This is a startup leveraging computer vision and data analysis on basketball training. I feel so upset that I did not have a try. I hope I will grasp the chance next time. =)