HKU Fintech Symposium 2019 (4 Jan 2019)

The HKU Fintech Symposium 2019 is a conference that will bring together academia and industry professionals to discuss the uses of advanced AI and data analytics technologies in finance, banking, insurance and financial services industries. The theme of this symposium is “Unlocking AI and Data Analytics”. This symposium serves as a platform for idea exchanging and networking for collaborations in the AI and data analytics areas to tackle the new challenges in Fintech.

The conference enriched our understanding of how statistics can be applied to the real world. Here are some slides.
Fintech: From Research to Deployment - Philip L.H. Yu

Demystifying the Use of AI & Analytics in Insurance - Spree K.B. Siu

Quantitative Trading, Financial Technology, and Predictive Analytic - Tze Leung Lai

The Lightning Network: Machine-to-machine Payments - Leonhard Weese

Application of Recommendation System in Banking Industry - Jason J. C. Huo