Google Developer Group Shenzhen DevFest 2018 - TensorFlow & Flutter (8 Dec 2018)

"Advancing AI for everyone" - Google AI

Carrie Lo and I participated in the GDG DevFest this weekend and this incredible event gathered more than a thousand experienced developers together. It was absolutely a rare opportunity to learn from various experts, let alone being selected as one of the 70 TensorFlow Codelab VIPs.

I felt so excited to share my idea of leveraging GAN to do image augmentation in front of a crowd of talents. Meanwhile, I heard so many creative projects such as the one combining OCR and digit-to-text based on the word pronunciation. For example, when the user writes "268", it will output the words "餓了吧 (Feel hungry)". It is interesting and time-efficient.

In the Codelab workshop, I have met a 13-year-old young programmer who is responsible for project reporting to Baidu. I was shocked when he told me his youngest teammate is merely 7 years old. He is just so brilliant, and I am looking forward to seeing him shining in the future stage.

On the last weekend, Yeung Wong and I attended GDG DevFest Shenzhen 2018. We were lucky to be selected from thousands of applicants to join this valuable conference to hear the new development of TensorFlow and Flutter. This was a wonderful event that gathered Google developers from different regions to share and exchange knowledge.