Data and Media Hack 2019 (25-27 Jan 2019)

It almost comes to the end of the year of the Dog. This year is full of excitement and memories. Yeung WONG and I formed a team called cyda and participated in many hackathons. We played around with various new technologies like blockchain, augmented reality and artificial intelligence. 
No matter Yeung or I, both gained a lot through hackathons like technical knowledge, communication skills with people from different backgrounds and pitching techniques. Even cyda, our team name got some reputation among Hong Kong hackers. 

Data and Media Hack marked a perfect end for this year. It was our first time to team up with so many people (Gordon Lau, Charles S.K. WONG, Samson F.P. Lam, Iris Lau, Wang ZiWei) in a hackathon and we could have more resources and more ideas. It was a very unique experience. A special thanks to Wisers Information Limited for providing their NLP APIs to help us bring the solution to life.

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