TechCrunch Hong Kong Hackathon 2018 - Fintech & Blockchain (10-11 Nov 2018)

"The personal data of some 380,000 Hong Kong Broadband Network customers, including details for more than 40,000 credit cards, were compromised in a cyber attack against the telecommunications company’s database." - South China Morning Post, April 2018

Identity systems, like user names and user data, are a key element of most commercial services. Currently, almost all online identity systems are managed by centralized parties. Your accounts and data are controlled by third parties and stored on their servers.

Over the weekend, our team designed a blockchain-based decentralized identity system for financial services - Savvy Pig. It is an app prototype that leverages computer vision for the authentication and blockchain for encryption on customer information and business transaction.

It's amazing that we could build this prototype within 1 day and special thanks to Keith Engine for the wonderful design.

The hackathon arouses the interest of different parties including students, blockchain expertise and even a team of hackathon evangelists from Shanghai. It was an amazing event. It was surprised and unexpected that we could win the Champion award and the ticket to the TechCrunch International Hackathon.