Deloitte x HKUST Hackathon 2018 - Smart City (2-3 Nov 2018)

After one year of hard work, cyda finally got the first Champion. 

We started from number modelling, to text mining, to image processing and now blockchain. We enjoy challenges as it can help us evolve. 

"A + B = Cs" 

Inspired from the last hackathon, there is a lot of possibilities of blockchain technology. Apart from being cryptocurrencies or being applied in fintech, blockchain can also be combined with AI and creates a comprehensive checking system of vaccine. Vaccine is a small but very critical thing to everyone's life. That's the main reason why we chose to work on vaccine in Deloitte Hackathon. 

People are the core of smart city. We hope that our solution can bring a big impact to the society and everyone can enjoy a better life.