B4B Student Hackathon w/ Herbert Chia – AI and beyond (6 Oct 2018)

It is our first time joining this kind of hackathon, we were just given around 4 hours to finish all the brainstorming, discussion with mentors, data collection, dashboard building and most importantly, presentation. There was no particular topic given by the organizer. Participants were preassigned into groups and think of a problem of Hong Kong facing. At the end, each team needs to provide a presentation with a dashboard template to illustrate what data is required, how they are presented, how is the problem solved and what business value can be brought out. 

Yeung joined Team D and was working on environmental problem of Hong Kong.
The recycling rate of Hong Kong is really low. We would like to make use of this dashboard to better facilitate the recycling in Hong Kong.

We think that with higher availability of recycling bins, there will be higher chance for public to do recycling.

Carrie joined Team C and was working on the transportation issue in Hong Kong.

We would like to bring out the concept of Park and Ride. If you are on the road and find that the traffic condition is really bad. Will you still want to wait on the car and stuck on the road for a few hours? Or will you park and take the train instead? What if a dashboard can tell you important information like traffic condition, parking condition and MTR delay, this can help you better plan your journey.

Actually, the government provides lots of useful information that is beneficial to the public, but we see that these APPs have quite low numbers of download. It may be because the APPs cannot satisfy the needs of the users. Data Studio also offers different data including parking space vacancies. We see that it is feasible to group all these information together to generate a dashboard. 

This was the draft of our dashboard design. 
The indexes are calculated to reflect the situation with figures. Together with some summary notes, users can have a more thorough idea about the situation.

There were all together 4 awards and cyda together with their wonderful teammates got 3 awards.
Yeung's team won the "Best Story Telling Award" while Carrie's team got "The Best Landing Award" and "Out of the Box Award". The last award, "Best of the Best" will be announced on 25th October, 2018.